Monday, December 9, 2013

Reflections from Trinity Valley School Speakers

Jae Rhee

 The whole event was like a fresh air. This was the first time I ever got to present my idea in front of more than two people (namely, my five year old brother and my favorite pillow I kept until 10). This indeed made me nervous until the very moment I completed my talk, but in my surprise, it went quite well.  The audience laughed where I intended to make it funny, and they seemed to get the point of my talk. Probably the fact that my TED talk was about the ‘power of cartoons’ helped me out, since my presentation included fairly interesting visual materials. It was astonishing that I, an all-time obvious introvert, could actually convey my thoughts to other people. I have many interesting ideas (at least I think they are), but a good idea alone, without people realizing it, can’t really achieve anything.  This experience made me realize that, I, too, can speak out and tell my ideas and convince people. This event taught me how to spark changes.

Tom Bosworth

Tedxhouston gave me an opportunity to better my speech craft and let me demonstrate my skills in front of a large audience. Before Tedx, I had never written a speech, and I was a bit nervous. At Trinity Valley School, Tedx is an elective that I signed up for in August. Through this class, I gradually wrote my talk, and added the visuals. I performed the speech in front of my class, and in front of a camera for the audition process. When I received the news that I would be representing TVS for Tedx, I was somewhere in between nervous and ecstatic. I spent many long hours on my computer preparing for the big day.  The experience was daunting, I had a four hour car ride with upper schoolers whom I did not know.They turned out to be very nice people, but it did nothing to ease my apprehension.The actual presentation went quite smoothly, if I do say so myself, and I am proud of the accomplishment.  The trip was definitely worthwhile, and is an event that I will remember for a couple decades. Tedx did wonders to help my slight fear of speaking in front of crowds. Now, there is little I fear now of social situations. Also, it was practice for thinking on my feet, since I opted not to use onstage notes, which turned out to be a good decision. Tedx is something I hope to do again in the near future, as it is beneficial to public speaking skills, writing, and it pushes you a little outside of your comfort zone, which is a good thing.

Darcy Stack

This was a day. I was finally able to speak in silence. Without immediate interruption or dismissing due to the mental aspect of the stage. That platform seems to compress all words to those who do not rest upon it. And this can be a tool or a weapon. TED is a place for inventors. For the people who have chosen to weave tools for greatness. That day, I was able to be crazy. And this is such a rare thing you know. I'm so grateful for having such a supportive organization to spread my thoughts. Most places don't wish for anyone to speak that is not in power. Yet, this offered an opportunity for anyone to have a voice. And, sometimes, I know, I need words more than lungs. It was a portal to project suggestion, to project insanity. These are the type of days when the world shifts. And whether it does or not, I was gifted a chance. I didn't have to run or fight for it. I was presented it. And though this should be the situation for all, it isn't. And for that I know luck exists. And I know I've met it.   

Hae Song Lee

TEDx Youth day is a great medium of entertaining, powerful, and inspiring expression. Kids' opinions, ideas, and thoughts are often left out of consideration or deemed useless, but TEDx Youth Day defies that thought and allows for children to openly share what they ardently wish to share. This event also promotes leadership/speaking abilities/skills. Public speaking is an important skill to have and TEDx Youth Day serves as practice for public speaking. Overall, I deeply enjoyed sharing what I was most passionate about and also listening to several inspiring ideas and thoughts.

Darcy Stack's TEDxYouth Talk: "What if Emotions were Matter?"

Thank you to our speakers from Trinity Valley School!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Reflections from our Speakers from The Kinkaid School

Sophia Ghauri
TEDxyouthDay was a great experience. It made me have a great fun new way to share my thoughts. It was terrifying, though, to do public speaking.  Another scary moment was when I had to share about my disability. In writing my speech, there were challenges, such as thinking of an idea. Rehearsing and revising the amount of time I needed was a challenge, but I learned how to balance my schedule accordingly. In the end, TEDx Youth Day was a once in a lifetime experience.

Sahar Punjwani
The atmosphere had cooled a lot. The speaker before me was finishing her talk. I was nervous, and my anxiety was getting worse. The emcees introduced me. I took a deep breath (it helped), and I went on stage. The experience was unlike anything I’ve ever been through—being able to speak to the world and spread what I am passionate about.  Truly, TEDx Youthday was an experience worth having.

Henry Durning
TEDX was a very exciting and interesting project. I think everyone should have a chance to do something like this. When I was writing my speech, I got really excited and into it. However, when I found myself on stage about to give my speech, I got really nervous. I thought I was going to mess up, but then when I started my speech, I just felt great. I felt some sort of happiness that I can’t explain in words. This experience has taught me about perseverance and social skills. I even made some new friends. Overall, TEDx was a very important and exciting experience in my life. 


Thank you to our speakers from The Kinkaid School!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Reflections from Speakers and Reporters from The Post Oak School

Maddi Speed
I found TEDx to be an enjoyable experience because of its overall beneficial nature; specifically, the practice in public speaking and the interaction with other schools.  Public speaking is a vital part of any activity one could do because it is something that will follow you wherever you go, so the more practice the better.  The interaction with different schools is good because it allows you to see education and school structure from a whole new perspective.  Because of this TEDx was an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

 Emma Bennett
I very much enjoyed returning to perform a TEDx speech again, this time with my partner, Maddi Speed. I love participating in TEDx because not only does the experience teach you important life skills, but you have the opportunity to get your opinion out in the world. TEDx is one of the only ways kids my age can share and spread a message, and as I love sharing with the world, TEDx has always been an enjoyable and exciting experience for me.

Layton Debes
I had so much fun doing having the experience to do the TEDx youth program at Duchesne because I got to see my friends that went to Duchesne and I got to meet a lot of really nice and inspirational people. I hope to experience this again maybe not as a reporter, but as a speaker because I noticed that they all really stood out to the audience.

Shiraz Ghauri
It seems like so long ago when I was sitting in the commons, and watching a presentation TEDx Youth. Since that moment I was inspired to participate in it, and try to make a change. Let the people know what’s going on outside of the country. So thinking about that I started doing some research on globalization.

In the first few days after signing up, I just did some basic research nothing too serious. But as the Ted day started to get near I just dove in my research. I started reading about events that I had never heard of before, researching about them and one thing led to another and I was completely into it and had around 12 tabs open in my browser. One event that I focused on was the Bangladesh Factory disaster because I thought it was a really good example to support my opinion on globalization. It wasn’t a few days before the Talk when I started feeling nervous and decided to just practice and hope for it to go well.

Finally it was the day to present. Ever so excited and nervous I got on stage to get my word across. In the beginning I was quite nervous, and stumbling with words, but got comfortable fairly quick. Overall I think the event went really well, all the talks were inspiring and interesting. It was a great experience and if I’m able to do TEDx next year, I won’t have any second thoughts about it.

Isabella Neblett
I must say that TEDxYouth was something of a thought provoker. I found myself among a group of people who were utterly passionate about their topics, as I was for mine. Homosexuality is something that people are already highly uncomfortable about here in the United States of America. I live in conservative Texas, where coming out is not exactly encouraged. So, the prospect of homosexual bullying was something that I knew would stir conflict. I recognized and acknowledged people's beliefs and opinions, but that did not stop me from speaking. I was not afraid of what people would come back at me with despite the circumstances. I wished to discuss something horrid that was happening where I live. Yes, atrocities are committed in other places around the globe, but what about the United States?

I wanted the world to know that homosexual bullying is wrong, and I achieved just that. Being a person who has a lot of stage fright was something of a hindrance, but it was worth it. TEDxYouth allowed me as an adolescence to share my ideas with the world. Giving this speech was one of the best things I have ever done in my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world. 


Thank you to our speakers and reporters from The Post Oak School!  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tom Bosworth- Teens Aren’t as Limited as They Think

Tom Bosworth, a student at Trinity Valley School is a smart young boy. At the ripe age of thirteen, his TED talk concerned teens not being as limited as they think they are. When I asked him why he chose this topic, he simply said to me, “It was an interesting to me to know that I could do what others thought I couldn't." Besides being a student, he enjoys debate, volleyball, and reading. He says that his favorite book of all time is Book Thief.
-Brittany Leslie

Jorge Toriz- A Fit Nation Starts Here

Jorge Toriz  is a seventeen year old who loves to workout, read, play sports, and play the guitar. In his TED talk, he talks about fitness and preventing obesity in kids and in teens. He says that when he was younger, he was fat and he felt ashamed of how his body looked. He then said that he made a simple decision to eat healthy and started losing weight from then. He is now working on a website and blog for kids and teens who are overweight so that they have a person to help motivate them to lose weight.

-Brittany Leslie

Hae Seong Lee- The Art of Working Itself Out

Hae Seong Lee, a fourteen year old who goes to Trinity Valley School,  is going to be an amazing person when he grows up. With this year’s TED talk, he plans to talk about self-determination.  He states that perception of excessive in US intervention is why he chose the topic.  Besides doing TED talks and homework, he takes part in debate, student government, and volley ball.
-Brittany Leslie

Jae Rhee- The Power of Cartoons

Jae Rhee is a fifteen year old ninth grader that loves to draw, read, and do cross country. His passion for drawing inspired him to do a TED talk about the carton implication on our world. With this TED talk, he plans to show people that drawing is important in our world and is not something that should be taken for granted. I honestly think that this is a great idea for a TED talk since so many people take their drawing talent for granted. 
- Brittany Leslie

Georgia McMayon: There is Always a Reason to Sing.

Georgia McMayon is a ten year old fifth grader at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. When she first applied to talk at TEDxISAS, she did not think that she would be here today, singing live for the world to see. When performing her talk for the Middle School Dean she recounted that she was shaking and sweating. It was not until she was notified that was picked to perform at TEDxISAS that she was able to breath easy. She picked the song, For Good, because it shocked her when she first heard it. She found the song moving, and related to it. She soon realized that her mother was one of her largest inspirations and had changed her for good as well. When she watched Wicked, she realized that everyone was different and that is what makes her special. Outside of singing for TEDx, Georgia enjoys swimming and tennis and her dream when she gets old is to become a professional singer.
- Brittany Leslie

Nicole Sarganaga- Life Altering Decisions

Nicole Sarganaga is a twelve years old girl that goes to Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. Her story talks about life changing decisions while you are driving in a car. Her talk was inspired by the death of her two cousins, one was seventeen, the other nine. She states that neither of her cousins were wearing a seat belt while in the car, so when an eight teen wheeler crashed into them, they went flying through the window. They both died instantly. She hopes that her story will cause others to consider the small but life altering decisions we face every single day. Besides TEDx, she enjoys books, baking, and she loves field hockey. Her favorite book of all time is the Fault in Our Stars.

Kristen Bui- How safe Are you behind the screen

              Kristen Bui, a junior from Duchesne Academy causes the audience to rethink all of their social media platforms. She tells a real story of cyberbullying so serious that led to the suicide of a beautiful young girl. She opens everyone’s eyes with the truth that we are not safe on public social media. No matter how much big industries reassure us that our information is safe and private, it is sadly untrue. She reminds the audience that we do not have to abandon our social media platforms, but to make our information as private as they will allow. It is a talk that will change your views of social media and the internet in general, so that we all may be more cautious.
- Brittany Leslie and Abbey Contant

Anwesha Dubey: Healthcare around the world

Anwesha Dubey, a senior from Duchesne Academy, gave a moving and inspiring speech this morning at TEDx. Having grown up the large city of Lucknow, India, she saw the poverty in the world first hand. These memories of sickness and poverty stuck with her even after she left the country and moved to the United States. In her talk, Anwesha recounted to the audience the appalling number of people living without health care in India; close to 400 million people, which is larger than the population of North America. These people are living below the poverty, with no means of help. Until now. Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalaya is an organization founded by Jaqadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj Anwesha’s spiritual guru. The organization focuses on providing healthcare the people who need it. All services are free of charge, and they also provide basic necessities consitsting of food, water and shelter. The entire organization is no profit. Doctors give of their time freely, benefactor’s donations go to buy much needed supplies, and volunteers help to keep the clinics running. Since its founding, JKC has helped more than 10 million people. Anwesha hopes to one day create clinics similar to JKC all around the world. Anwesha’s talk reminds us that we “are not trying to provide healthcare for all people today, but rather plant the seeds so that one day healthcare will be an option for everyone.”
For more information on JCK please click the link below

-Maria Noguera

Madison Romo: Go for it

                Madison Romo, the confident and humorous 14 year old has recently attended a camp for high honor roll students called, Duke tip. At this camp she met many animated individuals that helped form her attitude towards trying new things and moving past her comfort zone. With this new insight under tow, she decided to share her new findings with the world. She signed up for TEDx not because she wanted for people to see her, or for college credit, but to tell people to “Go for it!” She told the audience humorous stories featuring interesting and personal lessons on individuality.
- Brittany Leslie and Abby Contant

Thomas Su- Life in a day @ Chinquapin

               Thomas Su, a high school senior attending Chinquapin Preparatory School wants to create a documentary about the camaraderie within his school. His favorite part of the school are the dorms because he would be bored Monday through Friday if he were to just sit around all day. Thomas tells a story of his childhood with an absent father who left his wife, two children, and looming eviction after he left their home. His story tells us how he has bonded with his new friends at his school and how, even though they are all from different walks of life, they are close despite their differences. He chose to do TEDx not only to get the word out abut his documentary, but to tell the story of his childhood. This personalized talk brings you into the world of Thomas Su and has you experience his past as well as his present and realize what has really br
ought his entire school together.
-Brittany Leslie and Abbey Contant

Extraordinary Humans

Sahar Punjwani- Extraordinary Humans
                Sahar, a twelve year old 6th grade student at the Kinkaid School speaks to the entire TEDx community at such a personal level that you would think she was speaking directly to you. Her speech was about how autistic people are not abnormal, but extraordinary. She tells a personal story about a family vacation she had in summer of 2010 where she saw a family with an autistic daughter. At the time she felt that the daughter was strange, as many others do, because she was so different from her other friends. Now, after her research, she realized that believing the autistic daughter was strange was a common thought. A common thought, but an incorrect one. Her talk asks everyone to accept autistic people for who they are: not strange, but extraordinary humans.
- Brittany Leslie, Abby Contant

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our speaker from the Emery/ Weiner School

Ilana Vines - "Differentiated Learning"

Ilana Vines is an 8th grade student at the Emery/ Weiner School.  She is an active member of her basketball team and the school community at large, and an experienced TEDxYouthDay participant.  Ilana has previously presented on the importance of gratitude.  Currently, she is focused on the importance of revisiting our educational models.

Our speakers from Duchesne Academy

Georgia McMayon - "There is Always a Reason to Sing"
Written by Regina Gonzalez

Georgia McMayon, nice, beautiful, talented, charismatic, are all words that her friends at Duchesne would use to describe her. Georgia is 10 years old. She is going to talk about singing and how it relaxes her, and she is going to sing a song from the musical Wicked. She likes to do cheerleading, and she enjoys spending time with her best friends. She is in fifth grade and her favorite subject is music. When she grows up she would like to be a singer. Before going to Duchesne she went to Southampton Montessori.

Nicole Sagarnaga - "Life Altering Decisions"

Nicole Sagarnaga is 12 years old and is the oldest of two children. She loves to bake, play field hockey, and read. She wants to be a writer when she grows up. She is very outgoing and loves music. She has been going to Duchesne since fifth grade and spent the rest of her life at Post Oak School. She has been looking forward to doing TED since last year's TEDxYouth event. 

Madison Romo - "Go For It"
Written by Abby Contant

The oldest speaker from Duchesne Academy's Middle School, Madison Romo, has created a compelling speech about individuality. Madison has a very busy schedule consisting of speech tournaments, field hockey games and debate tournaments. Madison spends her summers at Duke TIP which is a summer camp for exceptional students. These camps are highlights of her year which is why it makes sense that her TED talk would include many stories about that camp. She learned many valuable lessons there and would like to share them with you!

Kristen Bui - "How Safe are You Behind the Screen?"
11th grader Kristen Bui has proven herself to be quite the dedicated athlete through her extensive resume of both school affiliated and independent sports such as golf, cross country, karate, and tennis. The Sacred Heart student expresses her artistic side through piano and art interpretation and aspires to a profession in a creative field such as fashion or architecture. Kristen finds inspiration for all that she does through her father, and her TEDx topic was inspired by his advocacy on internet safety.
Anwesha Dubey - "La Manqué de Medecine:  Access to Healthcare in the World"
A native to India, Duchesne senior Anwesha Dubey moved to Canada at age eight, and two years later to her current home in Houston, Texas. Anwesha’s hobbies include robotics and theater, but her true passion lies in medicine. Anwesha dreamed of working in medicine from a young age, and now that she is on the brink of adulthood, she plans on making her dream into a reality by attaining a degree in medicine, business, and engineering, followed by a medical career to help those in third world countries.

Audrey Novak - "Greed in Our Society"

Audrey was born and raised in Houston, Texas by her mother, a teacher at St. Thomas More, and father, a mechanic. Audrey is very active in her school community through her participation in swim team and choir in her free time, Audrey enjoys reading a range of things from daily newspaper articles to literary classics. In fact, it was Audrey’s passion for reading that is behind her inspiration for her TEDx talk.