Monday, December 9, 2013

Reflections from Trinity Valley School Speakers

Jae Rhee

 The whole event was like a fresh air. This was the first time I ever got to present my idea in front of more than two people (namely, my five year old brother and my favorite pillow I kept until 10). This indeed made me nervous until the very moment I completed my talk, but in my surprise, it went quite well.  The audience laughed where I intended to make it funny, and they seemed to get the point of my talk. Probably the fact that my TED talk was about the ‘power of cartoons’ helped me out, since my presentation included fairly interesting visual materials. It was astonishing that I, an all-time obvious introvert, could actually convey my thoughts to other people. I have many interesting ideas (at least I think they are), but a good idea alone, without people realizing it, can’t really achieve anything.  This experience made me realize that, I, too, can speak out and tell my ideas and convince people. This event taught me how to spark changes.

Tom Bosworth

Tedxhouston gave me an opportunity to better my speech craft and let me demonstrate my skills in front of a large audience. Before Tedx, I had never written a speech, and I was a bit nervous. At Trinity Valley School, Tedx is an elective that I signed up for in August. Through this class, I gradually wrote my talk, and added the visuals. I performed the speech in front of my class, and in front of a camera for the audition process. When I received the news that I would be representing TVS for Tedx, I was somewhere in between nervous and ecstatic. I spent many long hours on my computer preparing for the big day.  The experience was daunting, I had a four hour car ride with upper schoolers whom I did not know.They turned out to be very nice people, but it did nothing to ease my apprehension.The actual presentation went quite smoothly, if I do say so myself, and I am proud of the accomplishment.  The trip was definitely worthwhile, and is an event that I will remember for a couple decades. Tedx did wonders to help my slight fear of speaking in front of crowds. Now, there is little I fear now of social situations. Also, it was practice for thinking on my feet, since I opted not to use onstage notes, which turned out to be a good decision. Tedx is something I hope to do again in the near future, as it is beneficial to public speaking skills, writing, and it pushes you a little outside of your comfort zone, which is a good thing.

Darcy Stack

This was a day. I was finally able to speak in silence. Without immediate interruption or dismissing due to the mental aspect of the stage. That platform seems to compress all words to those who do not rest upon it. And this can be a tool or a weapon. TED is a place for inventors. For the people who have chosen to weave tools for greatness. That day, I was able to be crazy. And this is such a rare thing you know. I'm so grateful for having such a supportive organization to spread my thoughts. Most places don't wish for anyone to speak that is not in power. Yet, this offered an opportunity for anyone to have a voice. And, sometimes, I know, I need words more than lungs. It was a portal to project suggestion, to project insanity. These are the type of days when the world shifts. And whether it does or not, I was gifted a chance. I didn't have to run or fight for it. I was presented it. And though this should be the situation for all, it isn't. And for that I know luck exists. And I know I've met it.   

Hae Song Lee

TEDx Youth day is a great medium of entertaining, powerful, and inspiring expression. Kids' opinions, ideas, and thoughts are often left out of consideration or deemed useless, but TEDx Youth Day defies that thought and allows for children to openly share what they ardently wish to share. This event also promotes leadership/speaking abilities/skills. Public speaking is an important skill to have and TEDx Youth Day serves as practice for public speaking. Overall, I deeply enjoyed sharing what I was most passionate about and also listening to several inspiring ideas and thoughts.

Darcy Stack's TEDxYouth Talk: "What if Emotions were Matter?"

Thank you to our speakers from Trinity Valley School!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Reflections from our Speakers from The Kinkaid School

Sophia Ghauri
TEDxyouthDay was a great experience. It made me have a great fun new way to share my thoughts. It was terrifying, though, to do public speaking.  Another scary moment was when I had to share about my disability. In writing my speech, there were challenges, such as thinking of an idea. Rehearsing and revising the amount of time I needed was a challenge, but I learned how to balance my schedule accordingly. In the end, TEDx Youth Day was a once in a lifetime experience.

Sahar Punjwani
The atmosphere had cooled a lot. The speaker before me was finishing her talk. I was nervous, and my anxiety was getting worse. The emcees introduced me. I took a deep breath (it helped), and I went on stage. The experience was unlike anything I’ve ever been through—being able to speak to the world and spread what I am passionate about.  Truly, TEDx Youthday was an experience worth having.

Henry Durning
TEDX was a very exciting and interesting project. I think everyone should have a chance to do something like this. When I was writing my speech, I got really excited and into it. However, when I found myself on stage about to give my speech, I got really nervous. I thought I was going to mess up, but then when I started my speech, I just felt great. I felt some sort of happiness that I can’t explain in words. This experience has taught me about perseverance and social skills. I even made some new friends. Overall, TEDx was a very important and exciting experience in my life. 


Thank you to our speakers from The Kinkaid School!