Saturday, November 16, 2013

Extraordinary Humans

Sahar Punjwani- Extraordinary Humans
                Sahar, a twelve year old 6th grade student at the Kinkaid School speaks to the entire TEDx community at such a personal level that you would think she was speaking directly to you. Her speech was about how autistic people are not abnormal, but extraordinary. She tells a personal story about a family vacation she had in summer of 2010 where she saw a family with an autistic daughter. At the time she felt that the daughter was strange, as many others do, because she was so different from her other friends. Now, after her research, she realized that believing the autistic daughter was strange was a common thought. A common thought, but an incorrect one. Her talk asks everyone to accept autistic people for who they are: not strange, but extraordinary humans.
- Brittany Leslie, Abby Contant

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