Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our speakers from The Post Oak School

Emma Bennett - "Sexism in Modern Society"

Emma's passions are creative writing (a LOT), reading awesome books, and fighting for everything she believes in. This is her second time doing TEDx, and she's glad to be back! Emma's almost-100-page story is now roughly 160 pages, not counting all her notes and the writing she has for the next two stories in her trilogy. She has also started several other series of stories and really needs to focus on one... Emma has decided to be a writer, which was probably obvious to everyone except her, and she stubbornly refuses to grow up.

Maddi Speed - "Sexism in Modern Society" 

Hello, my name is Maddi Speed. I am currently in the 8th grade and attend Post Oak Montessori, where I have been going since the age of three. I have one older brother, a dog named Molly and a guinea pig named Oliver. My hobbies include reading, baking, sleeping, fangirling over my favorite shows, (“Once Upon a Time”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Sherlock”, “House”, “The IT Crowd”…), being completely and totally insane with my friends, and basically anything that involves animals and/or Harry Potter. My family is fairly large and close, with nine people consisting of my household of four, two grandparents, one cousin, one aunt, and one crazy uncle, plus a lot of dysfunctional cats. We meet every few days for dog walks, birthdays, family move nights, or just random get-togethers. I hope you enjoy the presentation.

Isabella Neblett - "LGBTQ Bullying" 

My name is Isabella Neblett, and I am 14 years old. I was born at St. Luke's hospital in Houston, Texas. Currently, I am a freshman at the Post Oak High School. Art is something of much beauty because of the fact that it allows you to express yourself in a wide variety of means. I have loved art since I was but a mere child awkwardly trying to utilize the odd tool known as a pencil. As the years passed, I developed a love for ink on paper. I turned to art when I was bullied throughout my childhood. Art allowed me to help myself as well as to expand my own knowledge of who I am. LGBTQ bullying means a lot to me because, in my own way, I understand what those people go through every day. Bullying is a horrid occurrence in daily school life and to be bullied for ones sexuality is beyond awful. It's intolerable. As a subject to bullying, I can say that it does more damage than good. The only good thing I got out of it was discovering a piece of myself that formed with this bullying. It was stronger, but broken. At my school, bullying does not exist and I hope I can share that mindset when I make my TEDxYouth talk.

Shiraz Ghauri - "Globalization"

Shiraz Ghauri was born in Garden Grove, California on February 28. After Kindergarten Shiraz, and his family moved to Karachi, Pakistan. There he pursued his education at the Karachi American School, which is one of the three International schools in Pakistan. Because of his father being a politician he was able to discuss phenomena’s like globalization with family and other experienced leaders. After completing 9th grade, his father decided to move him to Houston, Texas where he is further pursuing his education at the Post Oak High School.

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