Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thomas Su- Life in a day @ Chinquapin

               Thomas Su, a high school senior attending Chinquapin Preparatory School wants to create a documentary about the camaraderie within his school. His favorite part of the school are the dorms because he would be bored Monday through Friday if he were to just sit around all day. Thomas tells a story of his childhood with an absent father who left his wife, two children, and looming eviction after he left their home. His story tells us how he has bonded with his new friends at his school and how, even though they are all from different walks of life, they are close despite their differences. He chose to do TEDx not only to get the word out abut his documentary, but to tell the story of his childhood. This personalized talk brings you into the world of Thomas Su and has you experience his past as well as his present and realize what has really br
ought his entire school together.
-Brittany Leslie and Abbey Contant

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