Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our speakers from Trinity Valley School

Hae Seong Lee - "Forming Democracy by Self-Determination" 

Hae Seong is a Freshman at Trinity Valley School. Due to his global background, he has developed a special interest in international relations, international business, and politics. These interests have led him to take part in the TVS debate team, school government, as the freshman class president, and this TEDx Talk. He enjoys reading news articles, practicing for debate tournaments, playing piano, and
playing volleyball in his free time. He has a desire to become the South Korean ambassador to the United States of America to improve, facilitate, and understand the relations, discussions, and
culture between various countries.

Darcy Stack - "What If Emotion Were Physical Matter?" 

Darcy Stack is a sophomore at Trinity Valley School. She adores writing, philosophy, psychology, and science. She is the President and founder of TVS's Writer's Club. Along with this, she is a part of the Thalia staff which is the TVS upper school literary magazine that she has been published in numerous times. She is also a member of Third Wavers, a club dedicated to examining the sociology and history of women in society, and she is an officer of Educator's Club. With all this, she is a member of Book Club and has won both a Gold and Silver Key for poetry in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards which is presented by The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. She has the vast intention and ultimate goal of causing others some happiness in life even if she isn't recognized or remembered for it. She knows that, at times, the people who do the greatest things are unknown. She
doesn't mind this and thinks this is somehow beautiful.

Thomas Bosworth - "Teens Aren't as Limited as They Think"

Tom is an 8th grader at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth. He enjoys reading, and is currently caught up in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series. Tom also loves to spend time outside, playing either tennis or soccer, sometimes with his dog, Chuck.

Jae Haeng Rhee - "The Power of Cartoons"

Jae Rhee is a freshman at Trinity Valley School. He is interested in philosophy and art and likes to draw weird cartoons that make no one laugh but himself. From his early years, he liked to communicate with others through drawings. This enabled him to realize the power images and cartoons possess, which enabled him to give this talk.

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