Saturday, November 16, 2013

Georgia McMayon: There is Always a Reason to Sing.

Georgia McMayon is a ten year old fifth grader at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. When she first applied to talk at TEDxISAS, she did not think that she would be here today, singing live for the world to see. When performing her talk for the Middle School Dean she recounted that she was shaking and sweating. It was not until she was notified that was picked to perform at TEDxISAS that she was able to breath easy. She picked the song, For Good, because it shocked her when she first heard it. She found the song moving, and related to it. She soon realized that her mother was one of her largest inspirations and had changed her for good as well. When she watched Wicked, she realized that everyone was different and that is what makes her special. Outside of singing for TEDx, Georgia enjoys swimming and tennis and her dream when she gets old is to become a professional singer.
- Brittany Leslie

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